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LNW completed a major fresh water supply project for a large orphanage in Nigeria. For many areas in Nigeria, a clean water supply, which seems to be a basic need in many parts of the world, remains a challenge for people at home.

Holy Child Motherless Babies Home is located in Enugu Township in the Anambra State of Nigeria. The home was founded in 1976 by the late Bishop G.M.P. Okeye, and then leader of the Enugu Diocesan Catholic ministry. The apostolate goal of the establishment is to care for orphans and abandoned babies who are often demised while in the care of their impoverished families.

In the quest to reach out to the poor and needy in the Nigerian community, members of the League of Nigerian Women became aware of the Holy Child Motherless Babies Home’s need for clean, fresh water and began looking for ways to help.

In April 2005, the plan materialized as the league sent a 3-member delegation to meet with the Home’s staff and water supply contracting firm. Work began shortly after agreement with the parties was reached.

Today, thanks to LNW and its supporters, the orphanage has a complex water system consisting of an encased borehole, a state of the art water purification system, and a point of service water supply to all 12 buildings of the establishment.

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